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by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

4 (TCO 5) You are a Loan Officer at a bank with several branches. You are responsible for managing the main bank and two satellite locations for reporting loan data to the bank manager. You receive monthly loan figures that cover the loan amounts requested, loan amounts approved and the percentage rates that may apply to the loan. You are tasked with creating a report that shows which location has the most loans requests, the amounts of the loans, including any necessary data that would impact a loan approval or rejection. Explain in detail how you would prepare a weekly summary report for the three locations including:

Part 1: Describe the process needed to place the three locations data into one workbook.

Part 2: Explain how the data from each location would best be summarized in the workbook

Part 3: Explain how to update the variable loan percentage rates (provided by the bank manager on a weekly basis).

Part 4: Describe how to update the color formats and tab names in the quarterly report. (Points : 40)(TCO 9) You work for a small shoe factory where all the records are kept in a Microsoft Access Database.

Your boss has asked you to create a report that has the following sections:

  • Provide a chart showing the shoe type/model with most sales as well as the one with least.
  • Identify costs per month for the making of the shoes per type/model.
  • Show which month has the least sales to create a better marketing campaign.
  • Identify which store sells the most shoes to create a final report.
  • Make sure to describe at least three different formulas or functions you will use to create the analysis needed for the sections above.
  • Explain how you will provide the final report to your boss. (Points : 40)

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