Wendat Indigenous peoples

Film in History Analysis (15%)

Kanata: Legacy of the Children of Aataentsic. René Sioui Labelle, 1999. (52 min)

The Huron-Wendat are the Indigenous peoples of North America. The Black Robes or French Jesuit missionaries between the years of 1615-1629, brought their agendas of religious conversion to the St.Lawrence Valley, the homeplace of the Huron-Wendat Indigenous peoples. As time progressed, the Europeans, Indigenous wars, and diseases destroyed the and wiped out the Huron civilization. The film you are going to watch tells a story of the Wendat, what kind of story is being told, and why? The filmmaker is tracing the story of his ancestors, a story that is not told often in history. How can this film be a critical aspect of historical storytelling? Try to think and respond to these kinds of questions as you write your film analysis.


Total: 30 marks

  • Due: Wed, May 18, 2022 before 11:59pm to my Canvas Inbox
  • WLC appt must be attached to your assignment. Please ensure you have followed through my template for writing (See below)
  • Length: 600-800 words minimum. Please do not exceed 1000 words
  • Include your name, student ID number, and the title of the film on a separate cover page
  • Total number of CMS citations/footnotes: 8-10 minimum
  • You must cite using CMS and use direct examples from the film
  • You must also include a bibliography on a separate page at the end of your essay
  • No use of outside sources is allowed. Should you use any outside sources you will receive a low to failing grade
  • You must spend time watching the film and take active notes
  • Please use the writing framework provided to you to write your film analysis
  • No late assignments will be accepted beyond the due date and timeline given
  • You must write all sentences in your own words. Do not just put in direct dialogues.

Writing Frame for Film Analysis (Mandatory)

You must use this frame to write your film analysis

You must use CMS and attend an appt with the WLC before submission

Paragraph 1:

Begin by Introducing the title of the film, author, and date it was released in a sentence or two. Also state in a few sentences, what the film is about in your own words.

  • What is the subject matter of the film?
  • What is the purpose or objective of the film?
  • What is the message that the filmmaker is trying to get across? Why?

Paragraph 2:

In this paragraph, you should aim to use specific examples from the film.
As a follow up to the questions asked of you in Paragraph 1, find examples to support your response.
Show through at least 4-5 examples from the film, what is the purpose or objective of the filmmaker?
What kinds of stories does the filmmaker tell in his film? How do these stories help you to understand the histories, lifestyles and cultures of the Wenda Indigenous peoples?

Paragraph 3:

  • What kinds of historical knowledge did you gain from the film? (Explain with specific examples) Did you find it useful?
  • What were the strengths of this film? Is there anything else you would include?
  • What did you learn from the film?
  • Was the filmmaker successful in portraying the histories and culture of the particular group?


State in a few sentences, the purpose of such a film in history. In a conclusion, you want to try to answer the bigger picture or question. You can do this by offering an idea or two about the topic. Respond to the following question: The histories of the Indigenous histories are often told by the White Europeans, so how does a film such as this, change your perceptions (understanding) of the Indigenous histories that is not told?

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