What is academic misconduct?

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses What is academic misconduct.

Academic misconduct is any action that violates codes of ethics or standards that govern academics. These actions include cheating on tests, plagiarism, falsifying research data, etc. Academic misconduct also covers actions such as failure to comply with university policies or regulations; failure to adhere to professional standards of conduct; and providing false information or documentation in order to represent oneself as eligible for admission to a course, program or institution of higher education. Taken together, these actions are considered to be one of the biggest threats to the integrity of academic institutions today. Academic misconduct can be easily committed via technology and it can occur on an individual level while simultaneously involving multiple parties working together. For example, students may share answers and submit papers published online.

Who is responsible for academic misconduct in higher education? Anyone who has access to information that could be used in an academic dishonesty case can be held responsible. This includes faculty members and university employees who have some form of delegated authority such as teaching assistants, professors, librarians and even campus security officers. Students are also liable in many cases if they possess information that could compromise the integrity of the learning process.

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