What is academic misconduct?

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses What is academic misconduct.Students cannot be excused from such clear instincts of cheating, while it is possible that the accusation of academic misconduct may sometimes hurt those students who were not aware in the first place that they committed a mistake. To avoid this, proper measures should be taken to let students know clearly what plagiarism means, and how a lack of understanding about it may lead to academic misconduct.Q: How have you figured out what cheating is here at university? Who has talked to you about cheating to help you understand what is considered cheating? Who have you talked with here at university to help you determine what is considered cheating? What are some things that are considered cheating?A: Before I took a test in the University, I heard that my friend took the same class at summer and he has the midterm paper for that class. So I asked the midterm paper of summer and received. When I took the midterm exam, I found the midterm exam was exactly same from the summer class so I wrote what I had. At that time, I never thought this was cheating because the other class before I took this class, some professor posted the last semester exams and solutions and I had used those things for my exams. But a student conduct told me that was a kind of cheating. First time, I could not agree with him. But I found that I had been mistaken about what cheating was because what I wrote in the last exam was not from my idea and thinking. Even if I did not copy from others in a class, if I used other’s idea or thinking from outside source, that could be cheating. The University expects my answers to be original, based on my exposure to the subject in my classroom and through my own reading and observations. If I used ideas and expressions of others without acknowledging it, I was committing plagiarism. Moreover, one has to be very honest in exams. This is what I learned form this incident.A: The

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