Market size for Coracle

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Assignment

Question 1: What is the addressable market size for Coracle? Is the first-year goal of $1.5 million sales reasonable?

Question 2: Why is Soren Chemical struggling to sell Coracle? What are the implications of the channel structure for pool chemicals? How would you describe the selling process for Kailan MW vs. Coracle?

Question 3: What is the highest price Soren chemical can set for Coracle? What is Coracle really worth to end users? Given its superior performance, how can Coracle be priced relative to the competition? What are the constraints?

Question 4: What is the impact of a higher retail price on distributors? On retailers?

Question 5: What action plan do you recommend for Coracle? Provide details concerning the implementation of your recommendation.

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