What is meant by survival?

What is meant by “survival” in the analysis for Figure 1?100THAll childrenBO604020A6122430368 11001Mother class 11 or ! !18050Mother class IVPercentage of Children Free of Disease*4020B1218243036100Mother p24 -80Mother 12 4 +AD20oLC1218243036Age ( mo )Figure 1 . Kaplan – Meier Plots Showing the Proportion of HIV -Infected Children without Opportunistic Infections or Encephalop -athy during the First 36 Months of Life .Panel A ( 7 = 162 ) shows the overall percentage of children free*of disease , Panel B ( 7 = 145 ) shows the percentage of disease -free children according to the stage of disease in the mother at thetime of delivery ( P <0. 001 for the comparison between groups , bythe log – rank test ) , and Panel C In = 108 ) shows the percentage*of disease – free children according to whether maternal p24 anti -gen was present ( 1 24 + ) or absent ( 124 – ) at the time of delivery( P <0. 003 by the log – rank test ) .

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