What is personality?

Write a 5 pages paper on what is personality. In fact, the very failure by individuals to understand each other’s behaviors and character stemming from their personality is the prerequisite for the escalated differences among the people. Group breakups, fights among family members and declining trust among the people are examples of the influence of lack of understanding of people’s personalities. This begs the question, what is personality and how does it influence our actions?Personality defines the underlying individual differences among the people within a sociocultural context (Burger 4). Different people have varying personalities, which define their diverse differences in characterization. Although sociologists attribute shared beliefs, practices, and thoughts to culture and increased integration, the inner self defines the outward character of a person. As such, these differences exist among the people in society. How much we like people to consider us as either good or bad define our personality. People do not live in isolation and as such, various elements influence our behavior. The desire to impress others is part of the defining elements of personality. There is a relationship between an individual’s personality and character. A pleasant person has a good personality, while a bad person has a poor personality.Despite these defining characteristics of an individual’s personality, the fact that an individual’s character defines the personality is the biggest determining factor for who a person is. The inner character of an individual is the biggest determining factor for an individual’s personality. It is possible to acquire a personality from the environment, especially from people one relates with mostly (Burger 5). This has little influence on a person’s personality, with the biggest determining factor being the individual’s&nbsp.inner self. It is important to note that social groups influence people’s ways as people coexist together in these social groupings. One has to belong to a particular group.&nbsp.These groups thus influence the personality of an individual. According to the law of association, people are likely to pick traits of behaviour and character from those they spend most of the time with and engage constructively or unconstructively.

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