What is War

Need an argumentative essay on What is War. Needs to be 5 pages. As the report declares organizational change and technology has played a vital role in the origin of warfare. The advancement of technology has led to a rise in the destructiveness and cost of warfare throughout human history.According to paper findings there have been different reasons behind the wars that have been fought earlier. Looking deeper into the history we find that wars have been mostly fought for serious moral reasons. Although there have been many ancient nations and some more modern ones who have thought of war as to be noble, but the thought of war being moral has been increasingly pondered about. In today’s era, most nations and people have come to the conclusion that war is ‘undesirable and morally problematic’ and have declared that wars should only be fought when there is no other way out. There is a specific cateogry of people that known as pacifists, who believe that war is innately immoral and no war should ever be fought. The negative view of war has not always been condemned widely as it is today. Today, some see only Just Wars as legitimate, and it is the goal of organizations such as the United Nations to unite the world against wars of unjust aggression. With the passsage of time different societies have attempted to limit the cost of war by formalizing it in some way. There have been limitations set on targeting innocent civilians, on what type of weapons should be used. Although culture, law, and religion have been the vital factors in causing wars, they have also proved to be restraints at times.

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