Who is Bauby?

This paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length and double spaced.  Be sure that it is well proofed for any errors.  As you read this book, you should consider the following ideas to talk about in your paper: 1.  Who is Bauby and what was the earth changing event that happened to him?

2.  Considering the age old question of mind and body that has been talked about for several thousand years, how do the experiences of Bauby help us understand that problem?  Remember the mind/body problem asks whether the mind (spirit, soul) is a separate entity from the physical body.  If you believe it is, you are a dualist.  You can be an interactional dualist believing that they interact or a parallel dualist believing that they exist separately and do not interact.  If you believe that the mind and body are one, as the inside and outside of a circle are the same. you are a monist.

3.  What instance or, you can name several, really stuck out as your read the book and why?

4.  What is your reaction to this autobiography?  Here you can put any ideas that come from you and maybe your past personal experiences.  I believe that this will be a bit of a special journey for each of us, but perhaps in different ways based on our unique past experiences.

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