Whole Food Market Inc

You will prepare and submit a term paper on 3 whole foods. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Case Study: Whole Food Market Inc. Whole Food Market Inc. is a vendor specialized in selling organic and natural foods as well as grocery. This company has a single functioning segment for organic and natural foods supermarkets. The Company was established in 1978 with its headquarters being based in Austin, Texas (Whole Foods Market, Inc.). This company has seen massive growth with new outlets being opened all over the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. By 29th September, 2013. Whole Food Market Inc. had opened over three hundred and sixty two outlets in the above named countries. Whole Food Market Inc. operations are fully supported by its headquarters, distribution centers, commissary kitchens, regional offices, meat and produce procurement centers, bake-house facilities, as well as specialized tea and coffee procurement and roasting facilities (Whole Foods Market, Inc.).

Whole Food Market Inc. deals in a variety of products that include meat, sea food, grocery, catering and prepared foods, cheese, tea, beer, coffee, body care, nutritional supplements, as well as lifestyle products such as pet and household products. Whole Food Market Inc. 365 and 365 Organic Every Day Value trademarks account for more than half of its trademark products. Other trademark brands include the Whole family trademark brands such as Whole Catch, Whole Foods Market, Whole Living, Whole Paws, Whole Pantry and Whole Fields, Engine 2, Nature’s Rancher, Allegro Coffee and Well-shire Farms (Whole Foods Market, Inc.).

Whole Food Market Inc. also has a specialized health approach known as Health Starts Here. This approach is based on four simple facets aimed at building better meals. These facets entail Healthy Fats, Plant Strong, Whole Food, and Nutrient Dense. All in all, Whole Food Market Inc. is devoted towards promoting a healthy living by offering products that are free from artificial preservatives, color, flavor, and chemicals (Whole Foods Market, Inc.).

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