Why Cash Flow From Operations is important information

Compose a 250 words essay on Why Cash Flow From Operations is important information. Operating expenses are subtracted from the operating revenues to extract the net cash flow from operating activities. this is why it is so important for small businesses to keep in check its operating cash flows.The other reasons why cash flow from operating activities is so important for small businesses is its ability to quickly determine the immediate financial health of the company. Cash flow is important as it gives the firm the ability to pay off current expenses. The current expenses usually include. labor costs and debt repayments. For these reasons, cash flow from operations (CFO) is important for both parties. the firm as well as the lenders and creditors. The creditors can assess the investment potential of the company from its CFO. Small businesses usually start with debt financing and the interest is an operating cash flow, since this figure is adjusted for liabilities, depreciation and receivables (Ross, Westerfield, Jordan, 2012), an operating cash flow is generally more accurate measure of how much cash the business has generated as compared to other measures such as Net Income (NI) or Earnings Before Interests and Taxes

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