For this assignment, you will draw on 4 to 6 sources that represent a range of media. Your will need to cite information from at least one chapter in The Broken Ladder CHAPTER 8 (why fair pay signals Fair play, and at least one scholarly journal article. The remaining sources may be drawn from research that includes new sources, journal articles, documentaries, the internet or other print and media sources. Your sources must be credible and pertinent to your topic.

Business (inequality in the workplace, inequality through pay , poor treatment of farmers compared to CEOs companies like Tyson and Pepsi co are my main focus.

Your research paper will include a developed introduction that includes a plan of development and a clear thesis statement followed by well-developed, logically-organized body paragraphs and a conclusion. Make sure to cite all your sources whether it is an essay or article, scholarly work, or English 101 text, use MLA format for the essay. Essays will be 4-5 pages (not including the Works Cited page) and must be word-processed and submitted to Blackboard.