Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized.The essay “Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized” discusses the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is a type of medicine which is used in several nations from ancient periods. From the viewpoint of prescription, marijuana is illegal in the USA because it is used as a drug, and has been traditionally associated with harmful narcotics. Presently, marijuana is considered as an unlawful element at the national level and is registered in the U.S. “Controlled Substances Act”, but marijuana can be effectively used for health benefits. Several surgeons and medical investigation specialists conveyed that marijuana can be used as remedies for certain health related problems. Marijuana can rouse hunger and is useful for biliousness. Besides, marijuana is also useful for cure of glaucoma. By any extent of the rational investigation, marijuana can carefully be used under an administered routine of medical care. Legalizing marijuana can also decrease the offense linked with the drug business. The main reason is that unlike other drug markets, the market for marijuana produces a comparatively lesser number of criminal offenses. In comparison with other drug affected criminals, the marijuana affected criminals represent offensive activities below 10% for infringement of drug law. If marijuana is utilized as a drug, then legalization of it might decrease the crime related to alcohol. Besides, through marijuana legalization, there is a possibility that police officers will be able to focus more on the other crimes.

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