Wildcat Paper Mills

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

Wildcat Paper Mills, Inc., has two paper plants, one in Cincinnati and one in Syracuse. Warehouse facilities are located in Albany and Erie. Distributors are located in Boston,New York City, and Philadelphia. Paper units manufactured at a plant must be shipped to a warehouse for inspection before they arrive at a distributor. Its management wants to find the optimal shipping arrangement that can lead to the minimal shipping cost that meets distributors’ demands. The plant capacities and distributor demands for the next month are as follows:1. Define the decision variables and use them to list the linear program for this problem.The unit transpertatien cost between any.r pair of locations i5 summarized belew: ————mu – Einstein NYC 55.59 5235 am Philadelphia $2.15 $3.45 $2.55 $1.85 I625 U")- 135 $2.05

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