Women of the Asylum

by | Mar 18, 2021 | College (3-4), Book Review, Psychology

Book report over: Women of the Asylum by Jeffrey Geller & Maxine Harris

The assignment is to be written following APA style, double spaced, written in THIRD PERSON with proper grammar, syntax, and spelling.


1Report is written in APA style, double spaced and typed, 3-31/2 pages in length.10
2Report reflects proper grammar, is free of spelling and typos10
3Report explores/identifies/recognizes significant issues described in the book20
4Report reflects an understanding of the significant issues reflected in the book and places them in/identifies the appropriate context of the history of psychology40

Questions to ask yourself as you read that will guide your analysis and writing:

1) What is the author trying to tell us?

2) What are the significant ideas conveyed in the book?

3) How has this book contributed to society’s understanding of mental health issues?

4) What does this book tell us about the impact of mental health institutions on society?

5) What does this book tell us about the impact of mental health challenges on society?

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