Working in groups

Write an argumentative essay on Working in groups. Needs to be 1 pages. Successful group work requires tolerance, inclusivity and assertiveness to achieve the desired goal.Group communication is known as the interaction of three or more interdependent people who work towards a certain goal. Successful groups learn how to balance the contradictory and competing forces that operate in that group. The entire group should be able to work should know their roles and be able to establish professional rapport with other members of the group (Ephross 56). The merit of working in a group is the group members learn a great deal from each other thereby performing better than individual working alone. The demerit is conflicts may be difficult to solve.

When I was in high school, I had difficulties in understanding Chemistry but good in Mathematics. My friends and I decided to form a study group. In this group I found out that there were people who were good in Chemistry but poor in Mathematics. We helped each other and by the time the final exam reached, we were well prepared and the entire group member excelled.

Steinberg’s book, The mutual-aid approach to working with groups offer imperative information on how effective a group can be. The key message that is passed across is forming a group that works for you and establishing clear goals. The group member should know each other so as to avoid misunderstandings (Steinberg 78).

In conclusion, group work requires tolerance, inclusivity and assertiveness to achieve the desired goal. For any group to work effectively, all members should understand their roles within the group. Each member should actively contribute towards the set goals. The group members should be able to solve any issue that comes up amicable. To be able to do this, there should be effective communication amongst all group members. Without communication there is nothing constructive that that can take place in a………

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