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Complete the worksheet below and answer each question. Original Responses – 400 word minimum Reply Posts – 150 word minimum, at least two required Choose a person and a situation in which you are currently experiencing or have experienced a conflict. 

I.  Justify that it is, in fact, a conflict (rather than a difference of opinion or perspective) by demonstrating that it meets the five parts of the definition of a conflict. So, define each of the following and then explain how your specific conflict fits each of these criteria.  A. Expressed Struggle  B. Perceived Incompatible Goals  C. Perceived Scarce Resources  D. Interdependence  E. Interference from the Other Party 

II. Describe how this conflict would be handled using each of the communication styles and conflict methods in your text. To do this, briefly define each method. Make sure to paraphrase the text.  After you have defined each method, describe your and the other person’s behavior that would be associated with each of these methods.  Discuss the pros and cons of each choice. A. Avoiding  B. Accommodating C. Competing  D. Compromising  E. Collaborating

III. Which choice would be the best and why? Answer all questions below, as well. A. Compare and contrast different skills that you have learned for dealing with differences of opinion/perspective and conflict in which there truly is a scarce resource. B. Reflect on the different styles and methods for conflict management.  How might less appropriate styles and methods of conflict management alter relationships? C. How does practicing the appropriate style and method in conflict demonstrate communication competence?

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