Write a class named Car

Program 1Write a class named CarPlate encapsulating the concept of a car license plate, assuming that it has the following attributes: the plate number, the state, and its color. Write a client program that creates three CarPlate objects and writes them to a file as objects, then reads them from the file as objects, outputs a description of each of the objects using the toString method (which the CarPlate class should override), and outputs the number of objects. When reading the objects, you should assume that you do not know the number of objects in the file and detect the end of file when an EOFException is thrown by the readObject methodprogram 2Write a program that takes two ints as input from the keyboard, representing the number of hits and the number of at-bats for a batter. Then calculate the batter’s hitting percentage and check if the hitting percentage is above .300. If it is, output that the player is eligible for the All Stars Game; otherwise, output that the player is not eligible.program 3Start a NetBeans project and create an application class that generates three random integers between 0 and 50, calculates the average, and prints the result. After successfully compiling and executing your exercise upload the zipped project folder to Extra Credit Project 1.Would You be able to do these programs with netbean and zip when completed ? . _public class AverageRandomNumber {public static void main(String args) {int random ;int count=0;double average = 0;while(count <3){random = (int)(Math.random()*50);average+=random;…

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