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by | Jan 12, 2021 | Analysis, College (1-2), Literature

Part II: Writing and Analysis-50 points. Please choose ONE option and complete the statement to create an effective claim that you can support with textual examples and analysis. Please type out the whole statement and write a response of at least 500 words to support it.

Two short textual examples are required—you should not choose longer textual examples that would require block quote format. Otherwise, your ideas and insights could be overwhelmed by source material. Please note that failing to meet minimum requirements for content length or textual examples will have a negative impact on the grade.

Remember to include signal phrases, internal citations, and at least 2-3 sentences of analysis (not summary) for every quote. As always, correct academic voice should be used. 1st and 2nd person or the use of rhetorical questions will result in points being deducted.

This is not a full-length essay—introductory or concluding material should not be included and will not count toward the length requirement.

All of the content should be thesis support/analysis. In college, an average (“C” 35-39/50 points) written response meets all formal requirements. An above average (“B” 40-44/50 points) written response meets all formal requirements and surpasses several. Excellent (“A” 45-50/50 points) written responses exceptionally surpass all formal requirements.

Option A: In (“Short Story Title”), the most important social/political/cultural (choose one) commentary is ______
Option B: ______ is the most dangerous antagonist from Unit 1.
Option C: In (title of any work from Unit 1) is a strong example of a heroic character.
Option D: Reading A Thousand Splendid Suns can teach the audience

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