Writing with power

Surgeons Don’t learn cutting skills by turning the knife on themselves. It feels like cutting your own flesh to take your own writing apart, rearrange it, and throw away large chunks. Use the knife on other people’s writings and you will learn quicker not only the outward techniques of good revising, but also the essential inner reaction that will lead you to those techniques: an intolerance for something that doesn’t work and a willingness to make changes even if it means discarding wonderful stuff. Once you get comfortable wielding the knife and seeing blood on the floor, it turns out to be easier to wield it on yourself. Peter elbow “writing with power”

Write a response that explores this writer’s definition of writing, using your own experience in writing 1 or 1 so far this semester. You’ll need to include a summary of this writer’s point and a description of how this view of writing applies to your own experience with writing this semester. In what ways did this view of writing match your own experience? In what ways did it not match your experience?

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