Written Assignment – Peer Review

Written Assignment – Peer Review.You should have finished your new version of your diagnostic essay by now. It is time to go through and check to make sure that what you have done meets the standard for conventions. Check especially for errors in word pairs, spelling, punctuation, and pronouns. Make sure you are using formal English. Your teacher will identify someone who will be your peer reviewer. Send your essay to that person for review, sending a copy of it to your teacher. When you get the essay from your partner, check it carefully to make sure it is gong to get a good grade. Make sure you make comments on each of the followiing areas.1. Ideas: Does it meet the requirments of the rubric? Make sure especially that the argument makes sense to you and that the supporting evidence is sufficient and logical..2. Organization: Make sure the organization of the essay as a whole and each individual paragraph flows and makes sense to you.3. Sentence Fluency: Does it meet the requirements of the rubric? Are the sentences interesting to read, and do they flow smoothly? Are the sentences varied in structure and length?4. Conventions: Does it meet the requirements of the rubric? What errors do you see. Be specific.Handing it in: Turn in the draft of your partner’s essay along with your peer review at the same time that you send the review back to your partner. Your teacher will grade you on hwo helpful and complete your comments are. If you just write something like “Good job” in each section, you will get a very low grade. Give specific help!100 Points Written Assignment – Final Draft. When you get your peer review back, it is time to put it all together with the best piece of writing you have ever done in your life. Make sure it shows all you have learned in the class!300 Points

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