Yahoo Hands On Case

Write an essay on Yahoo Hands On Case. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Companies can directly communicate with the potential customers and motivate them to take required steps like making call to a toll free number or visiting a website so that they can assist the company to raise its revenue. Companies often use filters to identify the target customers so that chances of converting potential customers are high.

Often a single successful sale can pay for the cost made for the whole campaign. Hence, effective direct marketing is a cost effective way to market the product and services to the targeted customers.Through direct marketing the company can convey all the required information regarding products and services to the target customers in a more personalised manner. The customers can clear all their doubts regarding the products and services and hence it is quite easy to inspire them. As compared to other forms of marketing, direct marketing is one of the most personalised and effective one (Baverstock, p.95).

Direct marketing is not equivalent to mass marketing. Rather it is more like one to one marketing process. Companies often use sophisticated form of data management tools to identify the target customers who possess specific characteristics. Direct marketing helps companies to focus on these target customers to convey the specific information. Such selective nature enhances the success rate of direct marketing (Baverstock, p.95).

Direct marketing also helps companies to select the best time for arrival of sales message to the target customers. This further makes the process of marketing more effective (Baverstock, p.96). For example, companies often inform customers about arrival of new collection of designer clothes in their shopping malls in end of November or in early December because this is the time people start their shopping for Christmas. Conveying relevant information to the target people at the right time is the main reason behind the success of direct marketing.

Direct marketing should not be considered as a…………

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