In order to get credit for this assignment, you must watch the movie then write about it. The paper requirements are listed below.

Zoot Suit

This assignment will be worth 5 points

In a 1000-word paper, detail your answers to the prompts below:

Plot: What was the movie about? Thought-provoking? How was the climax revealed? How did the setting affect the story?
Themes and Tone: What was the central goal of the movie? Was it made to entertain, educate, or bring awareness to an issue? Was there any strong impression the movie made on you? Did any symbolism come into play?
Acting and Characters: Did you like how the characters were portrayed? Did the acting support the characters, and help them come to life? Did the characters display complex personalities or were they stereotypes? Were there characters that embodied certain archetypes to enhance or diminish the film?
Direction: Was the storytelling complex or straightforward? Was there a certain amount of suspense or tension that worked? Did the director create a captivating conflict?
Dialogue: What did you think of the dialogue? Have you heard Spanglish before? Come up with a few words of your own that represent Spanglish.

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