100+ Essay topics about the environment

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The environment is an extensive topic; there are many different aspects that you can consider.

But choosing the best essay topics can be tedious.

To help you, we have composed a list of some of the best essay topics about the environment that you can explore and use to write your essay.

Environmental essay topics on climate change

Climate change is a very pressing environmental issue of our time. The effects of climate change are visible everywhere, from rising sea levels to extreme weather patterns. This topic is a fantastic way to get you to think about our world.

Here are some examples of critical climate change essay topics:

  1. What are some of the causes of climate change?
  2. How does climate change affect plant life?
  3. What are some ways we can reduce our carbon footprint?
  4. What are some of the effects of rising sea levels?
  5. Can nature adapt to climate change?
  6. What are the effects of climate change?
  7. How has climate impacted different social groups?
  8. Have humans created the problem of climate change?
  9. What are some of the diseases that can come with climate change?
  10. What are the effects of climate change on marine life?
  11. What is the demographic impact on climate change?
  12. What role does politics play in climate change?
  13. What are the effects of climate change on ecosystems and human health?
  14. What are the expected effects of global warming on agriculture and food security?
  15. How does climate change affect international relations and national security?
  16. What role do we have in causing climate change?
  17. Why is it so hard to take action on climate change?
  18. Should we wait for more scientific evidence before taking action?
  19. How can we reduce carbon emissions in the short term?
  20. How has agriculture been affected by climate change?
  21. What crops can survive in different climates?
  22. What crops do we need to grow in order to feed our growing population?
  23. How can we ensure that farmers have access to affordable water resources?
  24. How has climate change impacted wildlife?
  25. Are there certain species that are more likely than others to die out due to habitat loss?
  26. Are there species that could be saved if they were relocated somewhere where they would be safe from extinction?
  27. Can we save these species by breeding them in captivity and releasing them into their natural habitats once things improve?
  28. What do we mean when we talk about “climate change”?
  29. How do we know that humans are causing global warming?
  30. What are the main implications of global warming?
  31. Do you believe that humans are contributing to global warming? Why or why not?
  32. Is there a way to reverse the effects of climate change?
  33. What is the science behind global warming?
  34. Is global warming real? Provide evidence, conflicting studies, and conspiracy theories.
  35. How does global warming affect your life directly? How does it affect the environment around you?
  36. How should the government respond to global warming?

Environment essay topics on ecology

Ecology is the study of the relationship between living things and their environment. It is a broad field that includes many subfields, such as animal ecology, plant ecology, and human ecology.

The following are some of the environmental essay topics on ecology:

  1. Discuss the overuse of resources by humans.
  2. Explain the causes of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes. Can they be prevented?
  3. Discuss the effects of a poor sanitation system.
  4. What are the effects of pollution on human health?
  5. Discuss the sources of pollution and how they affect our environment.
  6. Discuss the role of renewable energy in reducing pollution.
  7. How can animals adapt to their environment?
  8. What are the effects of the energy crisis on ecology?
  9. How can invasion ecology be avoided?
  10. What is the political presence of ecology?
  11. How have humans affected animal behavior?
  12. How are humans affecting plant life?
  13. How are humans affecting animal habitats?
  14. Discuss the effect of soil contamination.
  15. Discuss air pollution’s effects on those with respiratory problems like asthma.
  16. What is air pollution?
  17. What are the symptoms of air pollution?
  18. What are the causes of air pollution?
  19. Is there a way to reduce greenhouse gases?
  20. What is the government trying to do about air pollution?
  21. How can we protect ourselves from harmful fumes?
  22. Air pollution has been increasingly plaguing the developed world. The earth’s climate change is mainly caused by industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust, and the burning of fossil fuels. Is this true?
  23. While most of us know about the adverse effects of air pollution on our health, we seldom pay heed to it. Why is it so?
  24. Air pollution is a global issue and needs to be addressed at every level, from individual citizens to government officials and international organizations. Discuss.
  25. Explain how polluted water is destroying one species at a time.
  26. How can we prevent water pollution in the developed world?
  27. How are industries destroying the environment?

Environment essay topics about science

Science tends to explain how things work through observation and experimentation. It is the system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific research.

Here are some of the best environmental essay topics in science:

  1. How do scientists work to solve our world’s problems?
  2. How do we use technology to solve environmental issues?
  3. How can we use data to understand our environment better?
  4. What is the impact of climate change on our planet?
  5. What are the real-life benefits of recycling?
  6. How can we protect nature from pollution?
  7. Discuss how animal species survive.
  8. How have recent natural disasters affected the planet?
  9. How have humans destroyed animal habitats through deforestation and hunting?
  10. Discuss the effect of pollution on natural ecosystems.
  11. Should we continue using fossil fuels or move toward renewable energy sources like wind and solar power?

Argumentative essay topics about the environment

When choosing an argumentative environmental essay topic, always find one that can be argued based on research.

Your task is to convince your audience that your point of view is correct, while other points of view are wrong or inappropriate for specific situations or conditions.

If you’re looking for a topic to write an argumentative essay on, this list of examples should help you get started.

  1. Is it ethical to hunt endangered species?
  2. Should we be allowed to use genetically modified crops?
  3. Should nuclear power plants be built in your country?
  4. Should we stop using fossil fuels?
  5. Should water pollution be eliminated because it affects many people’s health?
  6. Discuss overpopulation and its effects on the planet.
  7. Discuss pollution and its effects on humans, animals, plants, and other living things.
  8. Why do you think each home should have a tree?
  9. Do you think animals damage the environment?
  10. Explain the adverse effects of air pollution on human health.
  11. Examine the role of humans in wildlife extinction.
  12. Recycling programs are effective in reducing pollution.
  13. Greenhouse gases and their impact on climate change
  14. The use of pesticides in agriculture and its effect on water quality.
  15. Explain the use of genetically modified crops in agriculture and its effect on biodiversity.
  16. Discuss the importance of preserving our natural resources.
  17. There is much evidence to support man-made climate change.
  18. Humans have contributed to global warming.
  19. To what extent is the outdoors good for your health? 
  20. Should we try to re-create the pristine wilderness that was here hundreds of years ago? 
  21. A lot of benefits can be obtained from spending time in natural environments. Explain.
  22. The power of a group. How small groups can help protect the environment.

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Environment essay topics on technology

Technology has dramatically impacted our lives and changed how we work and live, but it also affects our environment.

Here are some of the unique environment essay topics on technology:

  1. How does technology affect our society?
  2. How do computers help us?
  3. What kind of effects does mobile phone radiation have on us?
  4. Should we use renewable energy sources more often? Why?
  5. What role does technology play in reducing pollution?
  6. What effect does technology have on our health?
  7. What role does technology play in protecting endangered species?
  8. Is it possible to live without using any electricity or fossil fuels?
  9. Can we use renewable energy sources to power everything?
  10. What is the impact of mining technological inputs on our environment?
  11. What is the real cost of owning a smartphone to the environment?

We hope you have identified the best environment essay topics from the above; if you still haven’t found the best topics or are unsure how to write your essay, contact us for environment essay help.

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