90+ Essay topics about music

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Music is a big part of our lives; it is always a source of inspiration for many people. There are many different topics you can choose from when it comes to music. 

When writing a music essay, it is important to remember that the main focus of your essay is the music itself.

The following are some of the characteristics that are often used to describe music.

Rhythm: Rhythm is how fast or slow a piece of music is played. For example, if you play a part of music very slowly, it will sound different than playing it quickly.

Melody: Melody is the tune or mainline in a piece of music.

Harmony: Harmony is when several notes played together simultaneously make a pleasing sound. A basic example would be when several people sing together, and their voices blend to make one sound.

Texture: Texture describes the overall sound quality of a piece of music. E.g., instrumentation,  density, timbre, attack, and decay.

Dynamics: Dynamics mainly refers to how loud or soft a piece of music is played.

Here are some of the best essay topics about music 

  1. What is the connection between music and dance?
  2. How does music affect human behavior?
  3. How does music affect our emotions?
  4. How does music affect people’s moods?
  5. Why do we enjoy listening to music?
  6. What are the effects of musical training on children? 
  7. What are some ways that composers have tried to express their feelings in their works? 
  8. Why is music so popular in many societies around the world? 
  9. Is there any evidence that humans are born with an innate sense of rhythm or melody? And if so, how does this relate to other aspects of musical ability – for example, pitch discrimination or memory for pieces?
  10. How has music evolved in different countries?
  11. What is your favorite type of music?
  12. Do you think that music has improved or worsened society? Explain your answer.
  13. Can you describe a concert you attended and what it meant to you?
  14. What difficulties have arisen in the music industry?
  15. Do you agree that the lyrics of a song can make a difference in its popularity? Give reasons for your answer.
  16. Why do some musical artists have someone else write their music?
  17. Do you believe certain music types should be banned from public places like schools and shopping malls? Why or why not?
  18. Discuss whether or not music education should be a part of the school curriculum for all children.
  19. Why is music education important?
  20. Do you agree that we should fund music programs?
  21. Are there any new ways we could improve music learning opportunities?
  22. Discuss reasons why some parents keep their kids out of music lessons.
  23. Discuss the differences between public music education and private music lessons
  24. Discuss the role of the guitar in indie bands.
  25. Discuss famous bands and their instruments.
  26. Briefly describe different types of music classes.
  27. How can music education be applied to personal life?
  28. Discuss the impact of music on society.
  29. Discuss how music has evolved and affected our lives as a whole.
  30. What are the factors that influence the development of music in a child?
  31. Why do people like listening to certain genres of music?
  32. How do musicians use their lyrics to convey their messages?
  33. What is the influence of technology on music?
  34. How does music affect teenagers? Is it good or bad for them?
  35. What is the role of music in education?
  36. What is the use of music in campaigns?
  37. Should artists be paid for their work?
  38. Music helps to unify the nation. Discuss.
  39. Music as a distraction or music as an aid to studying.
  40. Music is scientifically proven to make you happier. Discuss.
  41. The rules set by society are actually the reason why music is so popular in society today. Discuss.
  42. Music is a great way to be creative and show off your creativity to others. Discuss.
  43. What do music and history have in common?
  44. Extrapolate the market for music and what it means for us in the future.
  45. Give an account of a time when you heard a new type of music and how it influenced you.
  46. Explain how world music is an important part of society.
  47. Think of the most different music you listen to. What kind of instruments does it use? Think about which elements in this music you enjoy. What are the differences between the sound of your favorite music and other kinds of music?
  48. Why do you think people around the world enjoy so many different kinds of music?
  49. Explain how Salsa music became become part of US culture.
  50. Explain how Native music influenced western music.
  51. Rock music has been criticized for its lyrics and effects on society, but its merits should be considered. Discuss.
  52. Why is music such a great place to explore anger and aggression?
  53. How Christian music is different from mainstream music
  54. What is the future of Christian music?
  55. How did Christian music become a force in the music industry?
  56. Discuss the evolution of Christian music.
  57. How have Christian albums and concerts changed over time?

 Argumentative essay topics on music

An argumentative essay requires you to take an opinion on a topic and then argue your point using evidence from sources such as books, websites, and other materials.

Here are some argumentative essay topics about music:

  1. The toxic influence of modern music on children.
  2. The effects of popular culture on music.
  3. The impact of rap and hip-hop on society today.
  4. The effect of rock and roll on society today.
  5. Should Christian music be forced on everyone?
  6. Should radio stations be banned?
  7. Do you agree that music influences us?
  8. Do you agree that rock music is better than pop music?
  9. What do you think about rap and hip hop? Is it good or bad for teenagers?
  10. Does social media affect music?
  11. Should we ban violent music?
  12. Popular media has influenced people to listen to violent music.
  13. The rise and fall of violent music throughout the ages.
  14. Is there a link between violent music and violent behavior?
  15. Listening to and watching music can improve your brain.
  16. Listening to music can make you healthier.
  17. Music is so popular today because of the availability of inexpensive technology that allows people to capture and distribute music in the digital age.
  18. Why shouldn’t teachers play music in the classroom/at school events/on-campus etc.?

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World music essay topics

World music is a term that refers to musical genres that originated in different countries worldwide. World music is often associated with certain instruments, but many contemporary songs use tools such as drums, guitars, and pianos. 

Here are examples of world music essay topics:

  1. What is the history of world music?
  2. How does world music differ from traditional Western pop?
  3. How does world music relate to other cultures?
  4. Does one culture have more influence over another regarding their musical tastes?
  5. What are some of the most famous examples of world fusion?
  6. What is the history of klezmer music?
  7. Discuss the concept of transculturation in world music.
  8. What type of instrumentation is acceptable to qualify a song as ‘world’?
  9. How do world musicians carry their message through their songs?
  10. World music strongly affects every difficulty with politics, racism, and entertainment. Discuss.
  11. Explain how world music is an important part of society.
  12. Discuss common musical instruments around the world.
  13. What makes world music stand out from regular music?
  14. What are popular world music artists and styles?
  15. What does the future hold for world music?
  16. Advantages to listening to world music.
  17. Is World Music the new rock?
  18. How Does World Music Differ from “Other” Music?

Hip-hop essay topics

Hip-hop is a genre of music that originated during the 1970s. The genre is known for its fast, upbeat tempos and samples from other songs to create new beats. Hip-hop has become one of the most popular genres of music in recent years due to its catchy beats and lyrics.

Here are some examples of possible topics:

  1. When did you first encounter hip-hop music?
  2. What do you think about the state of hip-hop nowadays?
  3. The effects of hip-hop music on society.
  4. Discuss how hip-hop music has changed over time.
  5. The effect of hip-hop music on youth culture.
  6. What makes a good rap song?
  7. What are the differences in rapping style?
  8. Discuss the differences between old school and modern hip hop.
  9. Analyze the role of female rappers in the evolution of hip-hop music.
  10. What are the key trends in hip-hop right now?

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