Book analysis: When Breath Becomes Air

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GET ANSWER – We are now going to read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. There will be two discussions on the book followed by a term paper. The second discussion will be built upon the first with the content largely determined by how you all react to the book. The first discussion question is general, but the second discussion question will be more focused with the idea that this focus will help you arrive at a topic and then a thesis for the term paper.

The requirements for the term paper are as follows:

1. 5 full pages long (works cited page not included in this number)

2. 3 secondary sources

3. MLA format

This assignment is a little more involved than the reaction papers, but this is as it should be. As you read the book, take note of ideas that pique your interest then discuss them in the discussion forum. The aim is to use the discussion forums to hone and shape your thesis. This is very important. Try to get at least half of the book read for the first discussion and then the other half for the second discussion. Along the way, build content that will be used for your paper.

It is good to lock onto an id.ea up front so that, as you read the book and engage in the discussions, you have a destination in mind

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