Enculturation in the United States

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Psychology | 0 comments

The process of enculturation in the United States starts with a child learning by interacting with the mother and other members of the family unit. In addition, some children are influenced by members outside the home. However, it is not until the child enters preschool or kindergarten that he or she spends most of the day in the company of and, therefore, being shaped by others. Even then, the child would normally return to the home environment and have the family’s cultural values reinforced.

Modern technology has a powerful influence over most US citizens. Devices are becoming more and more convenient, and family members are interacting with devices while spending time with their children. For example, during walks in the park, mothers might be looking at the phone to text instead of looking at nature and discussing something in the present moment. In addition, almost all day, children are interacting with devices and with their peers and, more than ever, dividing their attention between several tasks.

In your response, address the following:

Analyze and describe the process of enculturation in the United States in the past and present time. Be sure to consider the role of family, school, and church. Where were you raised and which cultural group most influenced your development? Who were the individuals who most shaped your beliefs, values, attitudes, and worldview?
Explain whether you think that modern technology is changing the US culture by interfering with critical learning moments. Elaborate your answer. How does the use of technology impact cultural learning at different developmental stages?

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