Human services theories

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GET ANSWER – Not only will you be faced with the potential to play many roles, you will also need to know how and when to work with others. Whether it’s taking the lead for a project close to your heart, or helping someone else, collaboration is an important aspect of human services.

The roles of human service workers can include direct service, first-level manager or coordinator, middle manager or supervisor, top-level leader or director, CEO, or president. Direct service work can include case management, patient or client advocacy, outreach and behavior change, teaching, caregiving, and assisting specialists. Jobs for direct service might be found in group homes, halfway houses, family and child and youth service centers, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, life or social skill training centers, and residential or assisted living centers.
The job responsibilities of first-level managers or coordinators involve directly managing the workers and taking responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the agency. They need to have daily contact, interaction, and information from the employees who report to them, and these first-level managers report summary data to middle managers. Middle managers deal with goal setting, strategic planning, and department-level decision making. They need to get summarized daily, weekly, and monthly information. Top-level managers pull data, details, and facts from outside the organization and from the supervisors below them; then, they push information down to the layers beneath them. They are involved in interactions with community stakeholders, fundraising, and boards of directors.
In this discussion, you will discuss aspects of roles you and your peers would like to perform in the human services field.

Assignment Instructions

Theories in Human Services

Literature Theories are important because they guide our human services practice. Theories enable us to see things from new angles and different perspectives. They help us to understand our social environment and explain behavior. Theories provide us a framework or lens through which we can view social problems.

For this assignment, you will select two human services theories that relate to Homeless Youth in Minneapolis City. The theories selected should help to understand the problem described in Homeless Youth in Minneapolis City.
Use journal articles to analyze how a human services professional would use each theory in addressing the community problem. Evaluate the theories and provide a rationale for which theory you believe would be the best fit for addressing the community problem in your case study.

Your paper should have the following headings. Use the MEAL plan to develop each section.

1. Introduction.
2. Theory 1 (use name of theory).
3. Theory 2 (use name of theory).
4. Rationale for Best Fit of Theory to This Case.
5. Conclusion.
6. References.

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