Pathophysiology Portfolio Project

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BIOL205 — Pathophysiology

Portfolio Project Directions and Rubric

This Portfolio Project is worth 10% of your grade.

Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcomes

  • Explain the effect pathophysiologic changes have on cells, tissues, organ systems.
  • Examine the role of the inflammatory response and immune system in disease processes.
  • Correlate clinical manifestations with specific disease states.

Program Outcomes


Utilize research in order to make evidence-based practice decisions and demonstrate lifelong learning.


Demonstrate integration of knowledge, skills, professional attitude, through the use of critical thinking, best current evidence, and clinical providing care to individuals, groups, and communities with a variety of healthcare needs.


Apply best current evidence and appropriate nursing judgment in collaboration with the patient to guide clinical decision making in the delivery of nursing care

Institutional Outcomes

  • Information Literacy and Communication – Utilize current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in visual, written and/or oral formats.
  • Relational Learning – Transfer knowledge, skills, and behaviors acquired through formal and informal learning and life experiences to new situations.
  • Thinking Abilities – Employ strategies for reflection on learning and practice in order to adjust learning processes for continual improvement.
  • Community and Career – Participate in social, academic, and professional communities for individual growth and to function as a citizen of a multicultural world.
  • Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning – Follow established methods of inquiry and mathematical reasoning to form conclusions and make decisions.


You are selected to deliver a 5-8 minute presentation at a work in-service. Your goal is to discuss a specific disorder related to your patient population. You will present to a group of your peers using Microsoft PowerPoint.

In this project, you will explain the effect pathophysiologic changes have on cells, tissues, and organ systems. You will examine the role of the inflammatory response and immune system in disease processes. Lastly, you will correlate clinical manifestations with specific disease states.


First, you will select a disease/disorder from a list provided by your instructor. Following topic selection, you will choose four scholarly resources. One resource should be the textbook from the course, one resource should be a peer-reviewed journal, and the remaining sources should be from credible resources. Your sources will allow you to research the pathophysiology of your disease including signs and symptoms, disease manifestations, disease presentation, treatment, prognosis prevention and more. Once your resources are approved, by the instructor, you will begin to create your PowerPoint presentation. You will receive feedback on a rough draft, then create a final PowerPoint for your presentation. You will either deliver an in person presentation using PowerPoint or a PowerPoint with Voice Over. You instructor will determine which method to use. The PowerPoint will be uploaded to a discussion board for peer review. Following the presentation, you will submit a written reflection on the project. Both the PowerPoint and reflection should be in APA format.

To complete the project, you will reflect upon how this project helped you achieve the course, program, and institutional outcomes listed above. Lastly, you will reflect on how this project helped you prepare for success in the workplace and career.

General Grading Criteria for Presentations and Voiceovers


  • Slides are well organized, and the font color, size, and style is easy to read.
  • Slides are in bullet-point format and are not written in long paragraphs
  • Bullet points highlight main points of the reflection questions

Oral Presentation:

  • Student’s voice should be clear and easy to understand
  • Student should vary his/her tone of voice and use pauses effectively to place emphasis on important points
  • Student should provide additional insight to PowerPoint slides in his/her own words. Student should not read verbatim from the slides.
  • Student should avoid non-words (“Um,” “Uh,” “You Know”) and practice using professional language

For specific grading information, please refer to the Portfolio Project Grading Rubric

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