Response to an argumentative article

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ENC 1102 Discussion 2

Read this entire document carefully.

Remember the following about Discussion Assignments:

1. First compose this assignment using MS Word or a Google Document. Use spelling and grammar check to verify your writing does not contain typos, spelling errors, or obvious grammar errors. Write at a college level; vary your sentence lengths, use transitional words and phrases, and include topic sentences when writing paragraphs. Then you can copy and paste your work into Discussions. Remember not to attach a file in the Discussion but instead paste your assignment as a Reply.

2. Do not include direct quotes from another source in your post unless you properly use quotation marks and citations. If you plagiarize an assignment, you will receive a grade of 0 and possibly a failing grade for the course. All writing not in quotation marks and not cited must be your own.

In this assignment, you will create a response to an argumentative article. Specifically, you will answer several questions and post your answers in Discussion 2. In the same Discussion Forum, You will also respond to another student’s post. It is time now to apply what you are learning about writing and research from our text.

To prepare for this assignment, consider reading an article from one of the following publications:

The Wilson Quarterly
Vanity Fair
The Atlantic
The New Yorker
Virginia Quarterly Review
The Intercept
Council on Foreign Relations

Do not choose an article that you used from Discussion 1. You can choose an article from another website; however, the article you choose should take a serious approach to an important issue. It should contain several paragraphs. Review the articles on the suggested websites above to get a sense of what a lengthy, in-depth article means. The article should do more than just report on a new story, or update about an important issue. It should contain an argument, and should be a full analysis of a key issue or issues.

Answer the following questions and remember to include the number of the question in your answer. Avoid writing in an essay format, and instead just put the number (such as 1) and then your answer.

Respond to the following prompts below:

1. Write a one-paragraph summary of the article. Paste the link to the article and provide the title of the article at the beginning of your paragraph.
Answer in one paragraph that includes 4-6 sentences

2. What is outstanding (good, bad, outrageous, noteworthy, unusual) about the piece of writing? What is engaging? Boring? Fascinating? Use a quote from the article in your answer.
Answer in one paragraph that includes 4-6 sentences

3. What facts or details establish the author’s credibility? What research could you do to find out more?
Answer in 3-5 sentences

4. Does the author use facts and examples in a meaningful way? If so, how? If not, where could the author have included more facts or examples to substantiate one of their claims?
Answer in one paragraph that includes 4-6 sentences

5. Most articles try to present a problem (or problems) and potential solutions. Describe in your own words the problem presented. What needs correcting in our environment or our society? Use examples from the article to illustrate.
Answer in 5-8 sentences

6. Do you agree with the solutions presented? Describe why or why not. If no solutions are presented, what solutions would you present? Use examples from the article to illustrate.
Answer in 4-6 sentences

7. Describe your own ideas about this issue discussed in the article and state whether or not you consider the overall argument of the article as credible, logical, or not.
Answer in 4-6 sentences

In addition, you need to respond to one other student’s post in which you add your own thoughts to one of their answers. Write between two and four sentences for this post

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