Social Justice Issues

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GET ANSWER – Instructions: Social Justice Issues
Length: 6 pages double spaced (max 6 pages, minimum pages 6), Arial 12 font

1) Bring up topics that are going on right now. You can write about how Original Peoples are being how they have been bullied, things that have been said to them in schools or in society. You can also cover the water situation being faced by the Indigenous populations in Canada (“people telling the Original Peoples to just move because of the dirty water situation”), you can also cover the Aboriginal Peoples and the criminal justice system.

2) How would you set up your classroom in order to include diversity and inclusion? What would your classroom look like for your students when you bring up sensitive social justice topics?

In summary, you are not limited, you can write about any social justice issues being faced today by many Indigenous people in Canada. Also, note that there can be multiple topics in the paper it does not have to concentrate on just one injustice.

3) Please remember to Include references & Quotes in your paper

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