Special populations

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GET ANSWER – Human services professionals often work with special populations. One such population considered in this course is homeless youth. Be sure to consider your ethical obligations or questions when working with or advocating and behalf of this client group.

Ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how human service professionals make decisions and interact with their clients. Human service professionals are charged with upholding the integrity and ethics of the profession, promoting client and community well-being, and enhancing their own professional growth. Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is described as moral philosophy. Professionals that work in the human service field are often faced with ethical dilemmas while carrying out their work. You can find a wealth of information in the published literature of the human services field that addresses the ethics of their work. The National Organization for Human Service has developed a code of ethics for the profession of human services.

In this assignment, you will create a case study on a community problem for use throughout this course. The case study should focus on a specific group of individuals experiencing a specific social problem related to the field of human services. It could be a case that you have come across in your organization or community, or it could be a case that you have heard about in the news.

To support your case study, you should use the databases in the Capella library to review and select 3-4 sources (peer-reviewed journal articles).

You will also use at least two government and/or human services websites that may inform you about community demographics and how the problem is currently being addressed. The Neukrug textbook should be consulted for guidance related to the scope of human services and ethical issues.

You will build on this initial work during Week 6 of this course.

The assignment should include the following sections. Use these as your headings for sections of the paper:

1. Introduction: The introduction explains the purpose of the writing. Typically, the introduction of an essay includes the thesis or purpose statement. A thesis or purpose statement includes the topic plus the reason for writing about the topic.

2. Background: In this section of the paper, you should present a description of the case study and the historical background of the case based on the scholarly literature. You should also include demographic information about the individuals in the case study and their community.

3. Problems and Needs Analysis: This part of the paper should highlight the problems and needs of individuals described in the case study. These problems and needs should be those that are typically addressed by human services professionals. You should also include demographic information about the individuals in the case study and their community.

4. Human Services Planning: The following questions should be addressed in this section of the paper: What are you finding in the current scholarly literature and in human services organizations (as described on their websites) regarding how the problems and needs identified in your case study are and are being addressed?

5. Ethical Issues: Your case study should address typical ethical challenges and dilemmas that are faced by human services professionals based on ethical codes from the human services field.What are the ethical challenges involved in addressing the specific problems with the specific population and specific problems you have identified? What role do informed consent and patients’ rights play in serving this population?

6. Conclusion: An effective conclusion briefly restates the thesis (from the introduction) and reiterates the key points made in the paper.

7. References: Include a list of the cited sources within the paper, using APA format.

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