Stress response

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For your virtual assignment, you will be recalling what you have learned about the stress response and then research on how stress can lead to associated diseases from the websites below.

Health Plus – 10 Conditions Linked to Stress

Everyday Health – 9 ways Stress Can Make You Sick

Merck Manual – Anxiety and Stress-Related Disorders

After you have chosen a stress related disease, please answer the following questions.

  1. Compare and contrast the alarm phase with the resistance phase of the stress response.
  2. Examine and discuss the role of stress in the disease process you selected. Cite any references you use.
  3. Propose methods for clients to alleviate the effects of stress in this disease.
  4. Allostatic load or overload is a physiological way to assess cumulatively how stress can put a wear and tear on your body. How might this assessment be helpful in relation to chronic diseases? In relevance to the disease process you have chosen, discuss if there are secondary and tertiary outcomes/ issues.

Your answers should be approximately 500 words and follow the BSC APA format: include a title page, 1″margins, 12-point font, double spaced, APA citations and reference page. See the grading rubric below.

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