The New World Man

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GET ANSWER – Included a quotation from the modern Mexican-American author Rudolpho Anaya, who wrote “The New World Man” in 1992, one of many cultural expressions created in response to the quincentennial—the five-hundred-year anniversary—of Columbus’ voyage to the Americas. He writes:

The Americas represent a wonderful experiment in the synthesis of divergent world views, and each one of us is a representative of that process. The illuminations of self that are revealed as we explore and understand our true natures can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives, for so much of the sensitive part of life is a search and understanding of the inner self. To define ourselves as we really are and not as others wish us to be allows us to become authentic, and that definition carries with it the potential of our humanism (23).

We might better evaluate the quotation. In 250 words, summarize Anaya’s perspective on the Americas and state whether you agree or disagree with that perspective. As you develop your response and explain why, refer to at least one other artifact (a painting, poem, reading, etc.) from the course materials in your support. (This artifact might serve as an example of Anaya’s perspective or it may offer a counterpoint to his position.)

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